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Mulch Products We Sell:

Mass Mulch is a family owned local business.  We offer a large selection of both all natural and color enhanced mulches.  We typically require a 3 day window to complete but same and next day delivery may be available if needed.  We recommend getting deliveries delivered before the day you intend to use it.  Please be aware that the end of the week is our busiest time and suggest scheduling deliveries to be delivered Monday-Wednesday.

Products in photos are actual images of our products. Color and material consistency may vary and Mass Mulch can’t be held accountable in any way. If you have any concerns we recommend visiting our yard and looking at the product prior to placing the order. We want you to be happy with your product!

Mulch Delivered Price Chart (with tax)
Orders under 3 yards have a under the minimum fee included in the delivered price. Additional zone info below.
*Deliveries made off the driveway must read and agree to the “waiver to go off the driveway” terms below and notify us at time of placing order.

Product1 yd2 yd3 yd4 yd5 yd6 yd7 yd8 yd9 yd10 yd11 yd12 yd
Natures Black$106.31
Aged Hemlock$102.06
Natural Red Hemlock$101.00
Dark Pine Blend$94.63
Playground Chips$96.75
Black Color Enhanced$94.62
Red Cedar$101.00
Red Color Enhanced$97.81 $125.63 $143.44 $191.25$239.07$286.88 $334.69 $382.50$430.31 $478.12 $525.93 $573.75

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Ideally we look for a minimum of two car length long(approx 35′), by 14′ wide and no overhead obstructions within in 20′ of the ground in the dump area.  This allows the truck to back up to the dump area, put dump body up and pull forward to get entire delivery out.

If you do not meet these requirements you need to let us know the measurements you do have at time of placing the order.

Dump area location–  We deliver products in driveways only, unless an “Off The Driveway Waiver” has been agreed to while you placed your online order. If you have not selected “Off the Driveway” and need to, or you are ordering by phone then you must fill out our waiver here.    If you select, or already selected “Off the Driveway” Option during the Order Process, you do NOT need to fill out this form.

Some addresses may be subject to an additional delivery fee based on exact location. Delivery fees are calculated based on exact quantity of material(s) purchased and your delivery location. We offer split load trucks, so ordering more than one product at a time may save you on delivery fees! Please contact us for a quote.

Same or next day delivery may be available but typically we can complete the delivery within a 3 day window. This depends on how many orders are ahead of you, location, weather conditions, and so forth.

Unable to Deliver – Any order that shows up at the delivery address and can’t be delivered for any reason will be charged an $80 non-delivery fee, plus any out of zone fees.

Cancelled orders – Any order paid with a credit card and cancelled after card has been processed or can’t be delivered for any reason is subject to a 6% fee of the amount ordered.

Ordering more than one product and/or ordering with someone in your neighborhood is a simple way to get a lower volume price and save on delivery fees. This is subject to qty and types of materials being ordered. They need to meet the truck load size and weight limits.

Delivery Towns – We will do our best to get our product(s) to you on time. Our main towns are listed below.  Don’t see it?  Not a problem!  Call us at (781) 944-9716 and let us know where you need help with.

Andover, Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, Lawrence, Lexington, Lowell, Lynnfield, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Methuen, Middleton, North Andover, North Reading, Peabody, Reading, Saugus, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn

Don’t see your town?  No worries as we deliver to many other towns in the Boston region!

Same and next day delivery may be available, but typically we can complete the delivery within three day window. We recommend getting orders delivered as early in the week as possible, as our busiest days are Thursday through Saturday. Anyone needing material for the morning of should get delivery day before to assure product is on site for time needed to be used. This depends on how many orders are ahead of you, weather conditions, traffic/accidents and so forth.

Call Now 781-944-9716 or Order Online, Choose Delivery Date and You’re Done!

black mulch for sale color enhanced

Natures Black- Mixture of compost and mulch. Compost will have ready nitrogen to help feed the plants. Mulch will aid with moisture retention.

Aged Hemlock

Aged Hemlock – A naturally aged hemlock that is dark brown in color.

Natural Red Hemlock for sale

100% Hemlock – When only the best will do! This is the real deal, 100% Hemlock bark in its natural state. This mulch has no dye added.

Aged Hemlock

Dark Pine Blend – A fine textured pine and spruce bark that has been “cooking” since last fall, resulting in a dark brown color

playground chips for sale

Playground Chips – Processed using virgin softwood, this playground surfacing material meets the ASTM standard and is ideal for any play area.

black mulch for sale color enhanced

Colored Black Wood Chips – Wood chips double ground and color enhanced black.

Red Cedar

Red Cedar - A color enhanced cedar bark mulch with a long lasting red color with subtle orange tone.

red enhanced cedar mulch for sale

Red Color Enhanced – Red color enhanced made with spruce and pine bark and subtly color enhanced to maintain a rich red tone.

Aged Hemlock

Aged Hemlock – A naturally aged hemlock that is dark brown in color.