Aged Hemlock Product Descriptions – Mulch

Aged HemlockA naturally aged hemlock bark mulch that is dark brown in color. 

100% Natural Red Hemlock– When only the best will do! This is the real deal, 100% Hemlock bark mulch in its natural state. This mulch has no dye added.

Dark Pine Blend– A fine textured pine and spruce bark mulch that has been “cooking” since last fall, resulting in a dark brown color.

Red Cedar– A color enhanced cedar bark mulch with a long lasting vibrant red color.

Playground Chips– Processed using virgin softwood, this playground mulch surfacing material meets the ASTM standard and is ideal for any play area.

Red Colored Enhanced– Hemlock bark blended with spruce and pine bark and subtly color enhanced to maintain a rich red tone mulch.

Black Color Enhanced– Wood chips double ground and color enhanced black to create a black mulch.

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