MassMulch Products Available for Delivery or Pick Up:

Compost, Fill, Growers Mix and Loam for Sale:

screened loam north of Boston For Sale

Screened Loam $39-45 per yard

Growers mix is the healthiest soil for your garden

Growers Mix $65-75 per yard

Screened Compost For Sale North of Cambridge

Screened Compost $43-50 per yard

Soil Fill - Woburn, Reading, Andover, More

Fill $23-$28 per yard

Pick Ups – Come to our yard anytime during our regular business hours.  We can take your order and payment at that time. Prices for pick up is the listed cost per yard plus tax.  No hand loading is allowed.  Must have open truck bed or open trailer. 

Compost, Fill, Growers Mix and Loam Delivered Price Chart (with tax)

Orders under 4 yards have an under minimum fee included in the delivered price.  Out of zone fee’s may be applicable based on delivery location and qty purchased.

Loam Prices

Loam$ Per YardScreened Loam/Top Soil can be used for plantings or new lawn install.
1 to 12 Yards$45.001 yd2 yds3 yds4 yds5 yds6 yds7 yds8 yds9 yds10 yds11 yds12 yds
13 to 24 Yards
$43.0013 yds14 yds15 yds16 yds17 yds18 yds19 yds20 yds21 yds22 yds23 yds24 yds
$593.97$639.66$685.35$731.04 $776.73$822.42$868.11$913.80$959.49$1,005.18$1,050.87$1,096.56
Two 20-24 Yard Loads
Per Yard. Plus Tax
Three or Four 20-24 Yard Loads
$39.00Per Yard. Plus Tax
Five+ 20-24 Yard Loads$38.00Per Yard. Plus Tax

Compost Prices

Compost$ Per YardScreened Compost- Ideal for top dressing lawns 1.5" thick or less. Also can be used for raised flower beds and vegetable gardens(growers mix is recommended).
1 to 12 Yards$50.00
1 yd2 yds3 yds4 yds5 yds6 yds7 yds8 yds9 yds10 yds11
12 yds

13 to 24 Yards
$48.0013 yds14 yds15 yds16 yds17 yds18 yds19 yds20 yds21 yds22 yds23 yds24 yds
Two+ 20-24 Yard Loads
Per Yard. Plus Tax

Growers Mix Prices- OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SPRING OF 2023

Growers Mix$ Per YardGrowers Mix- Bark based and targeted towards container gardening, vegetable gardens and raised beds. Mixture of 50 year old aged dark bark, peat moss, certified organic compost, yellow sand and a nitrogen fertilizer.
1 to 6 Yards$78.00
1 yd2 yds3 yds4 yds5 yds6 yds

7 to 12 Yards
$75.007 yds8 yds9 yds10yds11 yds12 yds



13-24 Yard Loads
13 yds14 yds15 yds16 yds17 yds18 yds19 yds20 yds21 yds22 yds23 yds24 yds



Standard Fill Prices

Standard Fill$ Per YardStandard fill is excavated from local job sites. Material type and rocks will vary.
1 to 10 Yards$28.00
1 yd2 yds3 yds4 yds5 yds6 yds7 yds8 yds9 yds10 yds





11 to 14 Yards
$25.0011 yds12 yds13 yds14 yds



One or Two 15-24 Yard Loads
Per Yard. Plus Tax
Three or More 15-24 Yard Loads$22.00Per Yard. Plus Tax

Deep Fill 12"+ Prices

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Ideally we look for a minimum of two car length long(approx 35′), by 14′ wide and no overhead obstructions within in 20′ of the ground in the dump area.  This allows the truck to back up to the dump area, put dump body up and pull forward to get entire delivery out.

If you do not meet these requirements you need to let us know the measurements you do have at time of placing the order.

Dump area location–  We deliver products in driveways only, unless an “Off The Driveway Waiver” has been agreed to while you placed your online order. If you have not selected “Off the Driveway” and need to, or you are ordering by phone then you must fill out our waiver here.    If you select, or already selected “Off the Driveway” Option during the Order Process, you do NOT need to fill out this form.

Some addresses may be subject to an additional delivery fee based on exact location. Delivery fees are calculated based on exact quantity of material(s) purchased and your delivery location. We offer split load trucks, so ordering more than one product at a time may save you on delivery fees! Please contact us for a quote.

Same or next day delivery may be available but typically we can complete the delivery within a 3 day window. This depends on how many orders are ahead of you, location, weather conditions, and so forth.

Unable to Deliver – Any order that shows up at the delivery address and can’t be delivered for any reason will be charged an $80 non-delivery fee, plus any out of zone fees.

Cancelled orders – Any order paid with a credit card and cancelled after card has been processed or can’t be delivered for any reason is subject to a 6% fee of the amount ordered.

Delivery Towns – We will do our best to get our product(s) to you on time. Our main towns are listed below.  Don’t see it? “Not a problem!  Fill out our Get a quote form and we will send back a formal quote/order approval email, or we will email you back with any questions, comments or concerns. 

Andover, Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, Lawrence, Lexington, Lowell, Lynnfield, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Methuen, Middleton, North Andover, North Reading, Peabody, Reading, Saugus, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn

Don’t see your town?  No worries as we deliver to many other towns in the Boston region!

Same and next day delivery may be available, but typically we can complete the delivery within three day window. We recommend getting orders delivered as early in the week as possible, as our busiest days are Thursday through Saturday. Anyone needing material for the morning of should get delivery day before to assure product is on site for time needed to be used. This depends on how many orders are ahead of you, weather conditions, traffic/accidents and so forth.

Place Your Order Online, Choose Delivery Date and You’re Done!

Most companies in this industry tend to have a high turnover which tells you something about either the industry or the employer. There is something very positive to be said about seeing the same courteous driver for four years now. Great material, great prices, deliveries as promised (date and time). On one delivery Bob even called us and warned us of the rain coming in and how to prepare the drop off area so that the new soil wouldn’t be washed away. Saved us a lot of heartache! Highly Recommend them, super pros!
Christine T. from Reading

I appreciate that – I’ve worked with you before and always had a good experience. The loam shipment was excellent quality, as always.
Tim from Wilmington

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river rock for sale, delivered

1-2" River Rock

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